Around Africa in an Atos – Chasing the sun

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June 1, 2018
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Dated back 5 years ago, I heard about Hogsback and have longed to immerse myself in the enchanted land ever since.

Arriving here was as if we had driven through a portal and stepped into another dimension. The burnt autumn colours against the backdrop of the three Hogshead, the golden light streaming through the tall pine trees, and the distinctive breeze of a 1-degree winter.

Our first thought – we have to find the highest mountain to climb or drive to view all this magnificent beauty.

We had heard via the Hogsback grapevine of a ‘Microwave Tower’. Find the tower, and the view will find you.

The day was frosty, the sun was setting, and the light was immaculate. Spontaneity hit and our route home from the shop led us up the main road towards the tower, our sense of direction was a few vague landmarks from a kind stranger, relying solely on our intuition really.

The tar road turned in to a dirt road and got progressively worse. My little Hyundai Atos initiated her transformer mode and handled it like a beast!

She swerved, climbed, and cruised ahead, over the boulders and dodging the ditches, 1st gear to 2nd gear, revving, motoring to the top of the steep incline, inner 4×4 mode activated.

Uncertain of the route or length, we traveled through the valleys, still in a split second race against the sunset, hoping we reach this unknown destination in present time. Acceleration. Her little Marie Biscuit tyres held grip, from stone gravel to decent tarred road, her high body leaving just enough space for accidental smallish rocks I drove over in my hasty attempt to reach the tower in time.

As Shrek had his faithful stead, Donkey, I too had my faithful stead, Atos. Known as Melkskommel.

The multicolored sunset began, and the tower appeared. Impeccable timing, of course. We reached the top of the road, the top of the mountain, parked, raced out the car and literally lost our breath. The sight was, and is, indescribable.

Not 100-degrees, not 250-degrees, but 360-degrees of majestic mountains wrapped around us, her shaded green contours that roll on for miles, acting as roots sturdily digging into the ground.

The silhouettes of valleys extended beyond our view. The sky went from gold to a milky blue/pink colour, and on the other side, a deep burnt orange, piercing across the skyline.

In my 25 years of life, I have never seen something so glorious. Standing on the very edge of the mountain, my arms stretched open wide, I howled as loud and as deep as my vocals would allow. Me and the mountains. Me and the skies. Me and the sun. Me and Mother. I felt a true sense of freedom and liberation, internally and externally.

And this, this is only the beginning.

The journeys that this little Atos has traveled, in the true sense of the word – has boggled my brain!

I am in deep gratitude of the safety and resilience that she has provided.

Without her, this journey, right here, right now, and all the ones before this, leading up to now, and all the ones to come, wouldn’t be possible.

This ecstatic internal ecstasy and high energy from the view we have just witnessed, is dedicated to Melkskommel, our Atos. For all the sunrises and sunsets she has chased down and successfully seen.

(P.S: No photos are provided of this view because they just wouldn’t do it justice)

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