Professional ad agency results - in half the time - at half the price

Our gypsies have worked with some pretty big names, both nationally and internationally. Our experience is beyond that of your everyday freelancer and our results speak for themselves. We have reduced our rates to offer "the little guys" the opportunity to get results that, under normal circumstances, only the Hilton Hotels of the world would be able to afford. Fun fact: one of our gypsies HAS actually done work for Hilton, so you know you're getting the best.

Services and pricing

Below, you will see the range of digital magic that our gypsies offer. Each service has a standard price and a partner price.

The standard price is allocated to projects completed remotely. This means that you can take advantage of our talents without having us physically with you. All correspondence is done remotely, via ZOOM consultations and emails.
The partner price is for travel partners that make our adventures possible. You can exchange a number of days hosting our accommodation for a 50% discount on your chosen services. Please note that we may not be able to join you at the drop of a hat for these services, as we need to plan routes, make travel arrangements, and (of course) make sure that our visit to you is beneficial to both parties (it can't be costing us huge amounts of money to create for you).

Don't get cute!

Our services are offered at competitive rates because we appreciate that you are partnering with us for our great journey. Whether your accommodation rates are R100 a night or R10 000 a night is irrelevant. Our presence with you is an added bonus FOR YOU!

Living as guests means that we can better communicate the spirit of your venue through our digital magic. If we weren't with you, we would be kicking back at a backpackers and you would have the same, mediocre web presence as everyone else...


We do ask a 50% deposit to confirm our booking with you. The remaining 50% is due once we deliver all your juicy new product to you, upon our departure. We will also camp on your doorstep until proof of final payment is received. You would be surprised at how many people try to take it upon themselves to create their own payment terms... and, as professionals, we're not prepared to work for free...

*Please note that an additional R500 fee will be added to venues that cannot provide sufficient WiFi connection.

Sound good enough to eat (or book)?

Take a look at our booking process and what we do with each project.
Spoiler alert: Most of our work together consists of you doing other things (like sipping margaritas by the pool) but you're going to have to wear your admin hat, for just a few tiny details.